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Marine Salvage

Marine Salvage

If you have a marine salvage project, we have you covered. Does your project require divers to brave murky or contaminated waters? We can handle that, too. Our specialists bring extensive experience and training to the job, readily accepting any challenge and capably seeing even the most formidable projects through to completion. No matter the location, Tampa Bay, Gulf Coast, or Trinidad and Tobago, we are ready.

Removing underwater obstructions can be critical to the safety or effectiveness of your operations. And braving contaminated waters may be similarly necessary to those operations. Put simply, we go where many others can’t or won’t.

And as with our other construction, repair, maintenance, inspection, and diving services, we will take on both coastal and inland marine salvage projects. 

Shipwrecks or other maritime incidents may result in ships that are sunken and in need of retrieval. Whether the vessel is repairable or simply needs to be moved in order to clear a channel, our salvors rely on a wide variety of resources and diving expertise to remove the damaged vessel and/or parts thereof.

Contact us if you have a project in mind.