Safety by Choice, not by Chance


Divecom Marine offers our approved underwater ship repair solutions to our clients locally and worldwide—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced multidisciplinary leadership team combined with our certified onsite diver technicians provide safe and effective solutions for our client’s underwater repairs. Divecom Marine strictly adheres to our internal policies and procedures during every step of the repair process, resulting in a safe, on schedule, approved underwater repair.

Underwater ship repairs include:

  • Propeller repair both CCP and fixed
  • Rudder, stabilizer repairs
  • Underwater weld repairs
  • Permanent and Temporary Shell Plate Repairs
  • Replacing ICCP and Cathodic Protection shields
  • Replacing Transducers, echo sounders and speed logs
  • Repair of seawater ballast tanks
  • Blanking off seachests and over board discharges
  • Zinc anode replacement
  • Keel Cooler Repairs
  • Dry Dock Assistance